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Connection Refused

This means that the server is currently not running. It may be down for maintenance, or something may have happened. Either way, give it about five minutes and try to reconnect.

Connection timed out, see "connect" but nothing else

This is almost always caused by either your anti-virus, firewall or your router.

Check the instructions, or google, on how to allow programs through your anti-virus. Do the same to see how to open and forward port 8888 to your PC. Every anti-virus and router is different.

Constantly disconnecting

Many home routers will close connections that aren't actively used. You can fix this (if using BeipMU!) by typing /idle 2 keepalive . This will cause BeipMU to say the command "keepalive" every two minutes, which is a null command that does nothing but keep the connection alive. This will keep you connected infinitely.

Blinking/black names

This is an indicator that your client does not support x-term 256 colors. Older clients, and clients that are intentionally short on features will not be able to correctly parse 256 color, which will cause the names to turn into black squares, blink rapidly, or otherwise be annoying or unreadable.

To correct this, either upgrade to a client that supports 256, or type @set me=!& to disable color completely.

BeipMU considered a threat by anti-virus

Most anti-virus will consider any MUD client to be a threat, as it is software that specifically opens non-standard ports and transmits data on those newly opened ports. This is something that a lot of viruses will do, so most anti-virus will block all MUD clients.

The only way to fix this is to ignore your anti-virus and allow it to install anyway. Most anti-virus will have an option to "allow" software, or a button to install anyway.

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