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Beginning on Neighvada

Hello there! Need help connecting to Neighvada Nights, or want to see what to do when you make a character? This guide is here for you. Even if you have never played on a MUCK before, this guide is easy to follow and will guide you though every step from choosing and downloading a client, connecting, creating a character and getting involved in roleplay! If you already have a character in mind you should only need about 20 minutes to get through the approval process!

Step 1. Connecting

First things first, you need a client to play on any MUCK. If you need help selecting and setting up a client.

Step 2. Character Creation

Once you've configured your client and are ready to play, you need to make a character.

Step 3. Basic Commands

Now you've setup your client, made a character, and gotten approved. Here's the basics of how to get around.

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