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The MUCK's staff are all here to help keep things running smoothly, never be afraid to ask for assistance if anything comes up, whether it's a question about how to do something or a rules concern. Even if the "right" staff member isn't currently online, the staff all stay in contact with each other, and any questions can easily be passed along to the right person.

Staff recruitment is currently closed. At this time we have more than enough wizards, and are not accepting applications.

Staff Members

Current Staff Roster, January 2019

Name Roles
Twilight_Sparkle (Lead) Wizard, Coder - Plot/Mod/Chargen
Pinkie_Pie Server Admin, Chargen
Rainbow_Dash (Lead) Moderator, HR, Chargen
Rarity Chargen, Plot, Fabulosity
Fluttershy Builder, Chargen
Princess_Celestia (Lead) Builder, Chargen
Princess_Luna Princess
Spike (Lead) Plot, Builder, Chargen, Wiki Maintenance


The roles are defined as the following:

Builder: Build the rooms within the MUCK. They handle descriptions, exits, and rooms themselves. If you need a room built, a description changed or an exit opened, speak to a builder. Keep in mind that you can change descriptions and exits of rooms you own, and don't need a builder to do it.

Chargen: Approve characters for play. If you are a new character and are not approved, or would like to ask if a character is allowed, speak to chargen.

Coder: Edit and implement MUF code, which is what MUCKs run on. If you would like to request a program or edit to a program be made, or if you have code yourself that you would like to implement, speak to a coder.

Moderator: Moderators are the ones who determine if rules have been broken, add warnings to accounts, and, if necessary, jail or even ban players. If you feel another player has broken a rule, or are being harassed, please speak to a Moderator.

Plot: Assists with plots, running events and planning story lines. You should page them if you want to run an event or get an NPC to be around for your story line.

HR: Determines staff abuse and handles staff additions, punishments, promotions and removals, as well as moderating discussions between players and staff when necessary.

Server/Web Admin: Manages and runs the physical server and website you are using right now.

Head Wizard: Administrator of the entire MUCK. If you feel there has been a staff member abusing powers or are unhappy with the decision another wizard has made, you should speak to

Contacting Staff

staff brings up the list of currently online staff. Find one with the role you need, and send them a page!

If none of the appropriate wizards are online for what you need, the request command will suit your needs. Type request and follow the given instructions to fill out a ticket.

Please keep in mind that all of the staff of this MUCK are volunteers. Nobody here makes any money or is paid in any way for the work that they do - in fact, hosting the game actively costs Applejack money every month. Many of us work 9-5 on the weekdays, and during those times the game may be a little slow. A little kindness and respect goes a long way.

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