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Neighvada is an MLP themed MUCK, so it is only natural that you will want to discuss pony related things on the MUCK. There's nothing wrong with this - however, not everyone can watch every episode or read every book the moment it is released. We don't want Neighvada to be unusable after a new episode, so we do have a policy on posting spoilers.

Whatever the medium, whether it be a new book, episode, game or movie, spoilers are not to be discussed publicly within 48 hours of it's release. This gives people a chance to watch or read on their own time, without being afraid to log into Neighvada during that time.

However, we also understand that people will want to discuss things immediately - maybe even live! If you are not offended by spoilers, you are free to join the Spoilers channel (type 'addcom spoilers=spoilers' to join, then 'spoilers <message>' to talk), where this rule does not apply. You are free to discuss anything in the spoilers channel, regardless of it's release date.

Posting spoilers to anything except the spoilers channel is a level one offense and will be noted on your account if it persists. Not sure if something is a spoiler? If you have to ask, it probably is - so stick to the Spoilers channel until 48 hours have passed.

This rule only applies to MLP things. All other franchises and media is free to be discussed at your leisure, but if somebody asks you nicely to not spoil something, don't be a dick.

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