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Neighvada, while being mostly free, does have some rules in order to keep everyone feeling welcome and safe.

Almost all of these are simply common sense. These are all basic things that everyone should understand. It all boils down to "don't be a dick." If you think you might offend someone or break a rule by saying/doing something, don't do it! Simple as that.

In addition to the regular punishments, we run on a three ban policy. If you have been banned three times, for any length of time, your next warning of any level will be a permanent ban.

If someone is actively breaking rules, please type 'staff' and page any staff member who has 'Mod' in their listing. If none are available, type 'request/general' and give logs of the offending player.


Level one offenses will result in a warning placed on your account. After three warnings, you will receive a ban of 24-72 hours, depending on the offenses.

  • Spoilers in public (see 'lore spoilers' for policy)
  • Begging or excessive whining OOC. Neighvada is a place to chat with friends, but asking for RL hand outs or excessive griping about RL annoys everyone.
  • Maliciously revealing alts. Some people don't want their alts to be known - please respect this.
  • Backseat moderation. Wizard staff can handle moderating the game. While informing someone that they are breaking a rule is okay, repeatedly telling them to follow rules is just as bad. Page a moderator or put in a request - don't handle it yourself.
  • Highly fetish content in OOC Lounge. Not everyone likes what you like. Respect this, and go IC if you wish to play IC.
  • Beginning religious or political debate. If you want to debate about religion or politics, there are places for that. Neighvada is not one of them.
  • Trolling. Saying or emoting things with the intentional, sole purpose of angering other players.
  • Kink bashing. Repeated mention of dislike of an actively discussed fetish, or outright taunting or bashing of players based on what fetishes they have.


Level two offenses will result in a L2 warning placed on your account. After two L2 warnings, you will receive a ban of 48-72 hours, depending on the offenses.

  • Spam. Spam of any form is a L2 offense. This includes repeatedly posting a message, abusing a bot, or advertising yourself or your services. Mentioning you have a website or are taking commissions is okay - repeatedly posting it is not.
  • Stalking. OOC no means no. If someone does not want to play with you, do not continue to ask.
  • Ignoring safewords. See 'lore safewords'.
  • Exploiting and not reporting glitches.
  • Roleplaying an underage character in sexual situations in public. Private rooms are exempt from this rule.
  • Continued L1 offenses. If you have been warned about the same L1 offense several times, your next warning can be a L2.


Level three offenses will result in an immediate ban of 72-168 hours (one week). There are no warnings for L3 offenses. Depending on the severity, L3 offenses can result in an immediate, permanent ban.

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, antitheism, political bashing. Neighvada players come from all over the world, and follow different races, sexes, religions and political standings. Humor or serious attempts at targeting any of these groups is forbidden, and really shouldn't be discussed at all. This only applies to OOC interaction.
  • Exploiting and not reporting game-crashing glitches.
  • Lying to staff.
  • Doxxing. Posting the real life information - anything at all - of another player without their permission.
  • Jail evasion. If you have been jailed, creating a new account and interacting outside of jail is an additional sentence on top of your current sentence. Note that you do not need a second account to contact staff while jailed - use a guest character and page staff.


Warnings are never removed from your account.

In addition, this is not an end-all list of infractions. If staff comes together and determines that you are being malicious or otherwise ruining the fun of other players, we do reserve the right to warn, jail or ban you. "I didn't break an official rule" is not a defense.

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