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We love original characters and interesting stories, but we also love everyone feeling welcome and plots being manageable and fair for everyone. To make both possible, we do have a list of allowed races. Anything not found on the following list should be considered unplayable except by wizards, and even then it is sparingly.

The following list is the allowed races on Neighvada Nights for players.

Earth Pony Crystal Earth Pony Bat Pony
Pegasus Crystal Pegasus
Unicorn Crystal Unicorn
Zebra Buffalo Yak
Hippogriff Changeling Griffon
Goat Cow Donkey
Dragon Diamond Dog Minotaur
Cat Parrot

Restricted Races

Certain races need much more effort put into them than regular characters. Descriptions of only a few sentences, outlandish head canon, extreme special snowflake, or +hoof information that is only partially filled out will end in rejection.

Restricted Races were allowed. Creating a character of a restricted race must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be level 4 or above.
  2. You can have ONE canon character OR ONE restricted race.
  3. You must get the approval of at least three chargen wizards.
  4. You must follow all provided lore.

The current list of restricted races:

  • Minotaur
  • Quadruped Dragon
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