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For original characters who are finished and approved, you will not be subject to any idle policy. Your name is yours, forever, and will not ever be taken away from you, even for extended periods of absence. If you show up, only play once, and disappear, we want you to be able to come back to us - even if that's five years from now.

If you create a character and do not get it approved, players may petition to take the name after 72 hours.

Canon Characters

We treat Canon Characters a little differently, however. Since canon characters are the life of the show, we want them to be seen on grid.

Any characters from the television show, as well as any other media like books, toys, comics (etc), are subject to a 30 day active idle policy. If you own a canon name, and you do not actively attempt to roleplay for 30 days straight, the character will be made available for anyone. If anyone logs in and wishes to take the name, yours will be frobbed and the name given to the requester.

Canon characters are also frobbed after only three days if you register them and do not get them approved.

If you are going on vacation, deployment, or otherwise won't have internet access for a month, please speak to Applejack! We will not frob characters if you intend to come back, but won't be able to connect while you are away.

To check canon character status, type +canonlist in game.

Canon characters are considered to be any character who has appeared in any toy, book, movie or episode of the MLP show and has a generally agreed name by the fandom. This includes background ponies who have not had any lines. If you wish to use a background pony, you should check the MLP wiki for their name.

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