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Neighvada is a pretty big world, with a decent number of players. Sometimes that can be intimidating - or you just don't know how to find anyone to roleplay with! Hopefully, this guide will open up a number of ways to find roleplayers and get some RP started.


Neighvada is an EST (GMT -5) based game. About half of our wizards are based in this timezone, and a huge majority of our players are from the United States. Please keep this in mind when looking for RP - mornings and days are going to be mostly dead. Player count around mornings and early afternoon can drop as low as four, only to spike up to over thirty when the evenings come around, and up to forty on the weekends and during events.

If you come online and nobody is around - don't give up! We aren't dead, we promise. Give it a few hours and come back after 5 PM in the US - that's when things start to gather steam.

To see how many players are online, type WHO (in all caps).

Public Channel

One of the most active ways to find other roleplayers is through our chat channels. One of the several that all players are a part of (unless they manually disable it) is Public. Public is a channel that is for public chat! Everyone is welcome to speak in it and participate.

To speak in the Public channel, type pub followed by your message on the same line. Everyone in the Public channel will see your message. If you're just looking for general, basic roleplay, say so! If you have a certain kink you want to play with, don't be shy - say it. Almost all of us are here for fetishy things, don't be afraid.

Public Rooms

All of the casinos are considered public rooms, and you can always roleplay in them. You can see what casinos have people in them by typing wa. This will show all non-hidden players and the room they are in, so you can hop in and see what they are doing and join in with them.


The OOC lounge is the gathering place for anyone who is OOC and just looking to banter. This is great, because you know it is people who aren't already in a scene! Feel free to ask out loud for scenes here, but don't get disappointed if nobody answers. If they are OOC, they might be AFK or idling, not always ready to jump into a scene.

Start Something!

Many of the people who got the most enjoyment out of the opening event simply went off and started things on their own. For example, Studious_Wushi getting an element and extorting the mane six was not planned in advance, and was completely because he went out and did it.

Sometimes people won't be IC, and need a little push. If you can't find anyone IC, hit up the public channel and say that you're starting an event. Think up something - put on a show at a casino, run an eating contest, or just start giving out free alcohol in character! If you build it, they will come, and the same applies to roleplaying.

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