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Character Creation

To begin creating a character, log in as a Tourist by typing connect tourist tourist at the intro screen. Upon logging in, you should be in the Gift Shop. This is where you initially set up your character.

If you aren't ready to commit to making a character, you can type o to leave and enter the Lounge, where players chat out of character. Feel free to talk to us! We're a friendly group, and there's almost certainly a staff member hanging out on one of their alternate accounts.

When you are ready to make a character, type makeme <name> <password>. Do not use the brackets, those are just to show you where your info goes. This is for your character name, NOT account name! Many new players make this mistake!

If you are looking to make a canon character and not your original character, please read the linked article.

If you get lost at any point, please contact a staff member. Type staff to see who is online, then page <name>=<message> without the brackets to message the wizard in question.

Setting Up your Character

Now comes the fun part, making your character! This seems a little intimidating at first, but we promise it's easier than it looks. It only takes about 20 minutes if you already have an OC or canon character in mind.

You do need to go through approval in front of a live staff member, so always try your best when making a character. If you ignore the lore, only have a sentence long description or skip steps, we can't approve you!

1. Chargen

The chargen command will lead you through the account creation steps. Just follow the prompts. You will be asked to set up an e-mail (we never give this out to anyone!), create your account, agree to the rules and make sure you're an adult one last time.

2. @account

@account will prompt you to set up your account so you can make multiple characters in the future.

3. Editplayer

editplayer contains the real bulk of character creation. Now we're going to start filling out information about your pony (or griffon, or changeling, or goat, or cow...)

At this point, you should see the following screen:

Full Editplayer Output


Though the sheer mass of output can be intimidating, it's fairly straightforward to use. Simply, each field can be edited by typing the appropriate command to pull it up, noted in the yellow letters within the brackets. For example, to input your gender, you'd simply enter g and it would prompt you for a gender. Most of the prompts simply require you to type a string and press enter, but the ones that work differently will explicitly explain how they work. For example, if you type s for species, it brings up a numbered list of possible species and asks you to type the number of the one you wish to be.

If at any time the prompts confuse you or you need assistance, you can hit q to save and quit and ask for help from a staff member or in the lounge.

Although it is suggested you fill out as many elements of editplayer as possible, they're not all mandatory.

3a. Required Fields

In order to be approved, the bare minimum you need is:

  1. Full Name is... exactly what it sounds like.
  2. Gender should be given in a way not specific to a particular species, for example Male, Hermaphrodite, Female, or Neuter. It should be noted that in certain command outputs, gender is shortened to just its first letter and colorized based on what letter that is, with anything starting with M being blue, F pink, and all other green.
  3. Species is your character's race, just follow the prompts it gives you.
  4. Age is your character's age! Characters are allowed to be any age, but keep in mind that any character under the age of 18 has heavy restrictions put on what roleplay they can do in public spaces.
  5. Coat is the color of your character's coat, fur, or carapace depending on race.
  6. Mane is the color of your character's mane, feathers, frill, or what have you depending on race.
  7. Cutie Mark is, obviously, your character's cutie mark! This only applies to races that have been shown to have marks, and only if they're old enough that they'd have one.
  8. Height is usually given in descriptive or comparative terms. Tall for a stallion, hoof-sized, petite, etc. Try to avoid numbers or units of measure - everyone has different ideas for how tall ponies are!
  9. Weight is your character's weight. Just like height, avoid numbers. Use adjectives like fat or muscular instead.
  10. Description... is a little more complicated:

3b. Description

While in editplayer type d to enter your description. Your screen will display the following:

Picture of List Editor

This is the List Editor. From here, you can type out your description, making a new line each time you hit enter. It is suggested to leave a blank line between paragraphs, usually achieved by inserting a line that is just contains a space.

  • Your description must be in third person. Don't make a description that is your character speaking about themselves.
  • Your description must be only a physical description. This is what other people see when they look at you. Unless they're wearing some kind of sign, they would only know what you look like!
  • Don't use your description for a backstory or a detail of their personality - just looks. If it isn't something that can be seen by just looking at you, it shouldn't be in your description!
  • Your description must be grammatically correct. Minor errors will be overlooked -- we aren't grammar nazis. However, capitalization, punctuation and spelling are a must.

If you make a serious mistake and want to start over entirely, type .del 1 9999 to delete everything. Type .list to make sure everything looks okay. When your description is complete and you are done editing, type .end.

The List Editor is very robust and has a wide variety of options, if you're interested in learning more, read our article on Advanced List Editor Usage.

3c. Other Fields

Many of the other fields are self explanatory, allowing you to input little details such as how old you look, your alignment (as you might have in an rpg), and other such things. The fields such as smell at feel are basically short alternate descriptions for just that aspect of your character that are visible to other players by using the matching command. The associated "notifies" are just messages that get echoed back to you if anyone ever uses that command on you. For example, Look Notify will pop up a message for you if anyone reads your description.

it is strongly suggested to fill out the RP Preferences, Player Notes, and Character Notes fields. It helps other players get a feel for who your character is and whether they might be interested in the same sort of RP as you. Try to keep them brief and readable.

Short Description is a special one. The ws command displays a list of people in the room, and on that list is your short description. If you choose to fill this out, keep it extremely brief, just what would be noted at a casual glance. Note ws output already has some things filled out automatically, so you can skip some elements of the short description. Test out the command in the lounge if you want to get a feel for how people use this field.

4. WiXXX

On Neighvada Nights, we use a system called wixxx (short for who is XXX). wixxx allows you to make a custom list of your fetishes in order to help you find roleplay and tell people what kind of kinks you enjoy. Without this, it would be very hard to find fetishy roleplay!

First, type wixxx #flags in order to see what you'll input in the next step. This is a list of fetishes that we have in our database. The one, two or three letter abbreviation before the colon is the flag.

Next, type wixxx #add <flags> to set your fetish list. You can add all your flags on one line, separated by a space. For example, someone who had a fat fetish might type wixxx #add for fud la obs wg.

If you accidentally set something you don't like, type wixxx #rmm <flag>.

If you have a specific fetish that isn't on our list, type wixxx #custom <words> and write it in! You may also post links to outside websites that have a list of your fetishes in the #custom field - some of our members use F-List rather than use flags at all.

There is no minimum or maximum flags needed for approval, but you must add something. If you're not interested in anything lewd at all, that's fine too. There's more than a few flags that aren't explicitly sexual and can still help people figure out what you're looking to get up to, and if sex is totally off the table, there's a non-sexual flag.


If you have completed all four steps then you are ready for approval! Congratulations! You're done with creating your character. But before you can roleplay, you need to get approved by staff.

Getting approved after filling out your character is super easy. You need to speak to a Wizard, which is a staff member, so that we can look you over and determine if you've done everything correctly.

Type o to leave the New Player Room and join the OOC Lounge. This is where players hang out when they aren't in character. It's almost always talkative at all times except very early morning.

To chat, type a quotation mark ( " ) followed by your text. Ask around for a wizard or staff member - chances are one is online almost always, even if they're not currently logged in on their staff account.

If you catch us at a very rare time when no staff is online, leave us a message with request/chargen. As soon as a staff member gets online, we will check you out and approve you!

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