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Casinos, for the most part, are basically fetish-themed clubs for different kinks. You can usually find roleplay in your fetish of choice by visiting the casino that matches your kink and seeing who is around. The following is a directory of sorts - this will show you which casinos are for which fetish, and so you can determine which one to travel to.

Mechanically, all the casinos are the same. They all contain a hotel for player housing (permanent or temporary), as well as gambling. The only thing that differs are the descriptions, and many casinos will have rooms dedicated to certain things within that kink - for example, the fat fetish themed casino will have a buffet.

Name Theme Maintainter
Four Seasons Vanilla, casual City Council (Muck Staff)
Demeter's Temple Fat, feeding and weight gain Ambrosia
The Cuddledome Plushophilia, drugs Violet
Gomorrah BDSM, pet/slave play, latex Trixie
Scarlet Aces Xenophilia, Predation, and Vampirism Thresher and Aura
The Mirage Transformation, Mind Control Coppermane
Mareabian Nights Inflation, macro/micro Fizzy

Please be aware that the maintainer is not necessarily the in character owner of the casino - just who primarily runs it OOC.

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