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On Neighvada, we encourage people to play the ponies from the show or toy lines! After all, what fun is being around others if you don't meet any ponies you know and love?

We do, however, have some rules for this.

Show Characters

Major Characters

Major characters are not allowed for play except for by wizards and staff. The following are what we consider to be major characters:

Major Protagonists Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack
Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity
Spike, Shining Armor
Major Antagonists Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra, Tirek, Scorpan
Sunset Shimmer, Iron Will, Ahuizotl
Alicorns Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
Other Stellar Eclipse

Minor Characters

Other than that, you are basically free to do as you please! Any background characters are free to be played, as long as they aren't already taken. As long as it isn't taken, you may create them and apply for approval. You may only own one background pony as a character at a time. You are free to @suicide a character and make another, but you cannot take up more than one at a time.

Also keep in mind that Neighvada takes place ten years after Season 3 of FiM. All ponies that are adults in the show are in or very close to their 30s, and all fillies are either older teens or adults. Please remember this when creating your profile if you pick a canon character.

To see what characters are taken, type +canonlist in game. Any name on the list is taken. If the character has not logged in for four weeks or more, they are considered available and you may page Applejack to take it.

Please be aware that canon characters fall under a different Idle Policy, and are still bound by the allowed Races, so read both before you make one!

Fanon Characters

We welcome OCs of all kinds, even if they are from fanfiction, other roleplays, or even other MUCKs! However, they must follow two rules:

  1. Cannot already exist on Neighvada.
    • Several other popular pony MUCKs allow the open use of alternate reality characters or just plain duplicates. At Neighvada, we do not. While we allow the play of fanfiction characters, nobody else can be playing that character first.
  2. Must fit into FiM and Neighvada canon.
    • We cannot accommodate all the different canon situations in the world. There are thousands of fanfics out there. Before playing a character here, you must modify their backstory to fit basic FiM canon. For example, you can play Cherilee - but you can't play Cherilee from Romance Reports who is dating Twilight, as this would break NvN canon. You can't play a Cherilee who becomes an alicorn, as that breaks FiM canon.

Using Others' Characters

At Neighvada, we do allow people to use already created original characters, even if you are not the creator. However, there are two additional rules you must be aware of:

  1. You must credit the owner in the Character Notes portion of your character sheet.
  2. If the owner of the character contacts us and wishes to play their character, or not have their character be allowed on the MUCK, it will be frobbed and the character banned or given to it's owner, no questions asked.

Note that this does not apply to the actual name. If your OC happens to have the same name as someone else's OC, but it is a different character, you are free to keep it no matter what.

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