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Interested in getting a home or business made for your character here in Neighvada? No problem! We welcome everyone to build a home and/or business for their character, opening up even more opportunities for roleplay and plots.

There are several locations open for player building:

  • Casinos: You may build a business within a casino, but that is at the discretion of the maintainer of that casino. Within casinos is the strictest places to build. Your addition should be something unique, that adds to the casino's theme, instead of just building off of it's fame. You should be actively willing to roleplay with any guests to the casino, and the door should almost never be locked except as part of a plot.
  • Suburbs: Suburbs are for player homes. You can typically build most of anything you want here, as long as it is a house you would see in a suburb. Businesses cannot be placed here.
  • Downtown: Downtown is for player businesses. You can build just about any business you want - but it should be something that doesn't directly copy a casino. For example, a business that sells BDSM gear would be okay, but a BDSM club would not, as that is identical to Gomorrah.
  • Apartments: The apartments in Downtown Haygas are for single rooms that are just a place for your character to crash or drag people off. These are just one room, basic apartments. They are the least strict of all, so long as you leave it to one room.


Casinos are free to be built, but they are the strictest of all buildings to get made. Because casinos are the focus of our MUCK, as well as a potential gathering place for dozens of ponies, they are held to a higher quality, activity and theme standard than all other buildings on the MUCK. Casinos must follow these rules:

  1. Must be completely different focus and theme from other casinos, and shouldn't just be a sub-category of another kink. For example, a sadism casino would not be allowed because there is already a BDSM casino. A weight gain themed casino would not be allowed because there is a fat fetish themed casino. Etc.
  2. The descriptions must be precise and include proper grammar down to each word.
  3. Descriptions must contain lookable objects, like the other casinos do.
  4. Owners of casinos must be active and willing to look at requests to build within their casino (see above for player buildings) as well as accommodate plots, actively engage in roleplay and be personable. Maintainer status can be stripped and given to another player with no recourse if any of the above become a problem.

At this time we are not accepting any more casino applications. We have more than enough to accommodate every fetish, and we do not want to bloat the grid too much.

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