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Zebras are one of the basic races on Neighvada. All players are free to play a zebra, with no restrictions.



Zebras are from a land on a separate continent called Zebrica. Zebrica is mostly a desert, with a large amount of the coast covered in jungle.

Zebras have been coming to Equestria for many generations, and quite a few of them have made it their home many decades ago. Families have been raised as immigrants, and so your zebra's homeland can be anywhere you please.

Zebras tend to lean towards tribal professions - witch doctors and alchemists, for example, as part of their jungle and desert nature. Some have decided to learn other trades not related to their past, and zebras can be found in any profession, albeit rarely.


Zebras tend to relate the most to earth ponies - they lack wings or horns, but have a close connection to nature. They tend to be slightly taller and heavier than ponies. Most significantly, zebras lack the bright colors that ponies have. Their coats and manes are always made up of black, gray and white. Their coats and manes are made up of stripes in a sometimes seemingly random pattern. Some zebras use dye to color their manes and coats, but generally keep their natural shades.

Zebras possess cutie marks like ponies, but like their hair, lacks any color except for shades of gray. Their cutie marks tend to be much more abstract and may represent a tribal tattoo more than an actual talent, but they function and are obtained the same way as a pony would. A zebra cutie mark should not be just a clear image, like a pony's tends to be.

Many zebras choose to adorn themselves with tribal jewelry, and it's not uncommon to find a zebra wearing high numbers of gold bands, piercings, tattoos and woven manes and tails.


Shamanistic zebras will sometimes speak only with each sentence rhyming with the one before it. Some still continue this tradition, but many have abandoned it in order to communicate more clearly with ponies.

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