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We love original characters and interesting stories, but we also love everyone feeling welcome and plots being manageable and fair for everyone. To make both possible, we do have a list of allowed races. Anything not found on the following list should be considered unplayable except by wizards, and even then it is sparingly.

The following list is the allowed races on Neighvada Nights for players.

Please be aware that while they are acceptable races, anthro characters (except for Diamond Dogs and dragons), humans turned into ponies and diamond dogs made to look like another race of dog (in effect, furries) are not allowed. In other words, if it isn't something you have seen on the show before, it isn't available for play.

Half-breeds are allowed under the circumstance that they do not "gain" anything from being a half-breed. For example - a zebra who is half zebra and half pegasus is fine, but using this to be a zebra with wings is not.

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