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Patch 1.2

Release Date: 2/1/14, 8 PM.


  • Souls cleanup has been completed. Suiciding a character will automatically remove it from your alt list. Many characters have had their soul list cleaned up already. If you still have some souls on your list stubbornly clinging to life, contact a wizard for assistance.
  • Morph has been modified to also take into account your alignment, RP Preferences, and Full Name.
  • The forums are now closed. As mentioned when they opened, it was a test run and that test has failed. An extremely small number of players registered an account.
  • A new program has been written to determine squatted canon names. If you are interested in a canon character that is not flagged 'available' and you have not seen IC in some time, please page a wizard and we will determine it's elegibility.
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. has returned! Those of you who have been here since before NvN will remember this. You can now assign stat points to your character in order to assist in roleplay. Please keep in mind this is not an RPG - this is simply for fun and to help roleplay along, especially in fights. Type +SPECIAL to get started.


  • With the ease of travel between Nightveil and Haygas making migraton between the two simple, bat ponies are now unrestricted and free to play like the regular races.
  • With the continued relaxing of Chrysalis' grasp across changeling hives, more have migrated in secret to Haygas. Changelings are now unrestricted and free to play like the regular races, but are still held to the lore provided.
  • Pegasus Crystal Ponies were canonized, so Crystal Ponies are now allowed to be created as pegasus and unicorns. All other Crystal Pony lore still applies.


  • Mayor Goodmare has a special announcement to make! All citizens of Las Haygas should attend if interested in the state of their fair city. Meet on the Strip at 8 PM (EST).


  • Nightveil is now open. Nightveil is the home of local bat ponies, and a new train line has been added to ease travel between the two. The small town is mostly underground, consisting of bat ponies and some others working as miners deep in the caves. Nightveil features a casino, hotel and several other roleplay locations.
  • The Stable is now open. The Stable is a new casino situated on the strip within the ruins of the Riveria casino. This casino is focused on bloodsports and melee brawling, allowing players to roleplay out fights with each other. The rules are lax, please read them before participating.
  • Maredalay Bay has been reworked as the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons casino still hosts the same theme (vanilla sex and non-fetish scenes), but is now more sutible for standard slice-of-life roleplay as well. It is more like a vacation spot resort now.
  • Mairabian Nights is now open. This is a casino focused on inflation fetishes with an Arabian theme. This is likely the last casino that will be added for some time.

Patch 1.1

Release Date: 10/01/13, 8 PM.


  • Restricted Races are now available for players to create. Currently, this includes bat ponies, changelings, minotaurs and quadruped dragons. Restricted races are, as the name implies, restricted by certain criteria:
    • Player must be Level 4 or higher.
    • Players are limited to ONE Restricted character OR ONE canon character.
    • All Restricted applicants must be approved by no less than three chargen wizards.
    • Player must follow all provided lore.
  • Players interested in applying for a restricted race should speak to a chargen wizard for details. Restricted races will be held to a much higher standard than regular OCs. Treat this seriously. Do not be lazy with description.
  • The "recruiter" field for new characters can now support anything, not just existing player names.


  • scp.[REDACTED].com


  • The Mall of Amareica is now available off of the Strip! This new mall is available for player building, specifically for storefront businesses. Downtown is now available mostly for clubs and other seedy types of buildings, as well as keeping the Apartments. Businesses already downtown are untouched. If you would like to move your previously built business to the Mall, please page a building wizard.
  • Other missing descriptions (Route 95, Suburbs, and others) have been filled in. That should have finished a while ago. Sorry.
  • Ponyville is now fleshed out and available for roleplay and building. Ponyville is primiarialy for roleplay of a more "slice of life" nature. Sometimes a scene needs a quiet place to take off, away from the noise, glamor and sometimes violence of Haygas. After all, not everyone can live in Haygas! This was technically always here, but undescribed and mostly abandoned. A little more lively, now! Ponyville can be accessed by taking the Train Station from Route 95.
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