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Rough guide to name color for new pones:
The Color Chart
1. Type colors256 to see the list of available colors or see the chart pictured to the right of this page. Background colors cannot be used in names, so just focus on the Foreground colors.

2. +namecolor brings up the color changing program. This is what you will use to change your namecolor.

3. c then y will enter you into the name color editor.

Now comes the part most people find complicated, the syntax for your color codes. On the MUCK in general, putting a number between carets (the ^ symbol) will cause all text following it to become the matching color from the color chart.


Knowing this, you can start to do more complicated things with your name color. The number of characters that follow the color code can be as many as your whole name or as few as a single letter.


That color code might be a lot to take in, so let's break it down. First, it picks a pale shade of purple, 170 on the color code list, and everything following it until the next color code is that color. Because only the S is before it, only the S is purple. The next color code makes the p green, followed by the ik being turned a different purple, and so on.

It might be easier to think about if you break it down like this.

^170^S | ^46^p | ^165^ik | ^170^e | ^green^

Essentially you're saying "A lavender S, a green p, a purple 'ik', and a lavender e". The ^green^ at the end is important, because many features of the muck expect text to be green after a username. If you don't reset to green.... strange things can happen. Just put it in there.

General tips

  • You must end your name with ^GREEN^ or all your say text will come out as gibberish instead.
  • Your name must be identical to your character name or it will cause an error. You can't change your name with +namecolor, page a wiz instead.
  • Most people will use ^BLACK^ to hide underscores or hyphens in multi-word names. This makes it appear like a space.
  • Don't go too dark! Remember that MUCK clients have black backgrounds so if your name is too dark nobody will be able to read it. You should never go solid black or dark gray (except to hide underscores) because your name will be literally impossible to read.
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