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Goats are one of the basic races available on Neighvada. They are available for all to play, with no restrictions.



Goats are originally from Gruff, a small country that was within Equestria in the area now known as Vanhoover. Since then, Gruff has now become a part of Equestria through a peaceful treaty. Given that this transition took place several hundred years ago, goats have spread quite a bit and can now be found in any Equestrian city.


Goats tend to be smaller than ponies, in both height and weight. They are lanky, and a healthy goat will still have joints and bones visible through their skin.

Compared to ponies, goats tend to look rather bland. Their manes and tails do not grow long enough to be curled or styled in any major fashion, though they do tend to grow beards. Their coats are solid colors, generally a shade of gray or white.

Goats grow a pair of horns that can come in many different shapes, but do not posses any magical ability.

Goats do not have cutie marks.

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