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Crystal ponies are one of the basic pony types on Neighvada Nights. Anyone is welcome to play a crystal pony, with no restrictions.



Crystal ponies were a subspecies of ponies that live in the Crystal Empire. For over a thousand years, the crystal ponies - and the entirety of the Crystal Empire - were completely gone. With little warning, they suddenly re-appeared.

However, not everything was the same. The crystal ponies were in a haze that they couldn't shake, a perpetual depression that killed any mood they felt other than intense sadness. King Sombra was found to be the evil behind the disappearance of the Empire, and with the help of Mi Amore Cadenza, Shining Armor and the Elements of Harmony, the Crystal Empire was brought back to it's former glory, with Cadenza as it's ruler.

Not much else is known about crystal pony history. Players are free to basically play out their backstory as they please, with a note that all crystal ponies were missing for that thousand years.

Season 4, episode 11, Three's a Crowd, canonized Crystal Pegasus. As a result, Crystal Pegasus and Crystal Unicorns are a valid race.


Crystal ponies are a strange breed of ponies. Rather than a solid color coat, crystal ponies are made up of what appears to be crystal. Their bodies, mane and tails are translucent, light able to shine through them. Bodily organs are not visible from the outside, but solids, such as food and drink, are. Their coat is still there, and they are still made of flesh like any other pony - they're simply enchanted in a way that allows light to pass through them. Crystal ponies tend to shine or sparkle when in a good mood and in a well-lit space.

Their coat visibly dulls and turns a darker shade and loses it's transparent properties when they are depressed or in a sad mood.

Other than the odd appearance of their body, crystal ponies are identical to regular ponies.

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