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Welcome! On this page, you will find out the basic commands to connect and log in to Neighvada Nights. If you already connected, and need help making a character, go to this page instead!


To play on a MUCK, you need a program called a client.

There are a large number of clients out there for MUCKing. If you are unaware of what to choose, we recommend BeipMU. Download the beta client. This is the officially supported client of Neighvada. You can use any client to connect to our game, but if you're having issues connecting, we can't help unless you're on BeipMU.

For Linux users, many players have reported success with Potato, or BeipMU being run in Wine.

Android users, MUKLuk seems to work perfectly.

Mac users, Potato also has a working version.

Note that only BeipMU is "officially" supported. If you have trouble connecting or viewing things from any other client, we offer no support.

Connecting Guide With BeipMU

1) Download and open BeipMU. If you have real-time always-on anti-virus, it may prompt you to allow BeipMU to run. Do so. You should see the following screen:


2) From the main screen, click the globe on the bottom left. The Worlds window will open. You should see the following window:


3) Click New, then choose Server.

4) In the shortcut name box, type Neighvada (but you can name it anything else, too). Press enter.

5) To the right, you will see Name, Info, Host, Expiration Time, Type, Direct Host and three check boxes. Ignore all but Host.

6) In the first host box, enter Your Worlds window should look like this:


7) Click connect. You should now see the opening screen for Neighvada Nights:


If you do not see the opening screen, check the Troubleshooting page.

Linux and Mac

BeipMU is only a Windows program. We do not have any experience with connecting from Linux or Mac - however, many of our Linux players recommend Potato. We do not offer support for this, however.

Next Step

Once you have connected, you're ready to log in and make a character. Move onto Character Creation next!

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