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At this point, you've connected to the game, you've made a character and you've gotten approved. Now comes the fun part - actually playing! This is a list of basic commands to play on Neighvada Nights. This is not a list of every command. Just enough to get you started.

As always, do not type the brackets (< or >) when entering commands.


"<text> (quotation mark) is how you speak. For example, if you were Applejack and typed "Hello! then other players would see Applejack says, "Hello!"

:<text> (colon) is how you emote. For example, if you were Applejack and typed :waves! then other players would see Applejack waves!

page <user>=<message> is how you send a private message to another character anywhere on the MUCK. For example, if you typed page Applejack=What's up? then the player Applejack would see a message from you that says "What's up?"

pub <message> sends a message to the Public chat channel, which all players will see unless they disabled it.

Other's Characters

Given that this is a MUCK, it's certain that you want to meet other players. The following commands let you view what characters other people are playing.

hoof <name> brings up the player's character info, such as race, age and height/weight.

look <name> brings up the player's description. This works on all objects, not just players! Rooms, objects and characters can all be looked at.

wixxx <name> brings up the player's fetish list.

Finding Others

who shows a list of online players and their locations.

WHO shows a list of online players and their connection and idle time.

wa shows a list of locations that have players in them.

ws shows a list of players in the same room as you, as well as their gender, species, idle timer and a small description, if set.

Miscellaneous Commands

staff shows you all online staff members.

msummon <name> and mjoin <name> teleport you to consenting players.

request is our ticket system. If you need help and no staff are around or would like to build a home, enter request and follow the instructions.

+ic and +ooc take you to the last In Character and Out of Character room you were in. This is useful for traveling IC without having to go across all of the Strip to get where you were, and to move back to the Lounge quickly.

goaside generates a private, unlinked room that you can use to have private roleplay and/or conversations in. Use msummon to bring people into it.

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