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There are a large number of clients out there for MUCKing. The one we recommend, and most staff use, is BeipMU. Download the beta client. This is the officially supported client of Neighvada. You can use any client to connect to our game, but if you're having issues connecting, we can't help unless you're on BeipMU.

Connecting Guide

Step-by-step, how to connect to Neighvada Nights MUCK.

1) Download and open BeipMU.

2) From the main screen, click the globe on the bottom left. The Worlds window will open.

3) Click New, then choose Server.

4) In the shortcut name box, type Neighvada (but you can name it anything else, too). Press enter.

5) To the right, you will see Name, Info, Host, Expiration Time, Type, Direct Host and three check boxes. Ignore all but Host.

6) In the first host box, enter

7) Click connect.

You should now see the opening screen of Neighvada! Type connect guest guest to log in as a guest, and view the instructions for making a new character.

If you do not see the opening screen, check the Troubleshooting page.

Browser Client

Due to abuse, browser clients are not allowed on Neighvada. They hide your connection info, meaning trolls and griefers can use them to do anything they like - untraceable! Because of this, we have banned them in advance - please connect using an actual client.

Linux and Mac

BeipMU is only a Windows program. We do not have any experience with connecting from Linux or Mac - however, many of our Linux players recommend Potato. We do not offer support for this, however.


So, you've connected to the game and made a character. But wait, how are people talking in private? How do you get out to the grid and roleplay? How do you even talk?!

That's what this is for.


look is the most important command you could have. It lets you view the room you are in, as well as details of the things around you, and all the exits you need to move around the MUCK.

look on it's own gives you the name, description and exits of the room you are in. You can also look at exits, items, and other players by typing look <thing> where <thing> is replaced with the thing you want to look at!


MUCKs are social games - while Neighvada has working gambling, the main draw and focus is talking and roleplaying.

Speaking is done with ". For example, if you are Applejack and type "Hello! Everyone will see: Applejack says, "Hello!"

Emoting is done with :. For example :sits down. will display Applejack sits down.

Pages and whispers are used for private chat between parties. The command is page <name>=<message>. For example, page Rarity=Hi! will send the message "Hi!" to the player Rarity. Whispers function the exact same way, but you must be in the same room as your target. In most situations, people consider Whispers to be IC, but Pages to be OOC.

OOC will display your message as an out-of-character comment. This is useful for communicating desires/problems with a scene before it continues. For example, OOC Can we pause? will show <OOC> Applejack says, "Can we pause?"


All rooms (except Jail, if you have broken rules) will have exits from them leading to other places. These are displayed under the description of the room in blue text, with some letters in [brackets]. Whenever you want to move through an exit, type the letters in brackets. For example, if you see [D]emeter's [T]emple, you would type dt to enter that exit.

HOME will teleport you to your home - or the OOC Sleeper Closet if you don't have one yet. +OOC will teleport you to your last OOC room (usually the Lounge) while +IC will teleport you to your last IC room.

Other Players

Once you get commands down, it's almost certain that you will want to start interacting with other players. The Lounge is where people hang out OOC, but where can you go to play in character and get your bang on? Finding other players, and viewing there interests, is important.

hoof <player> will bring up the "hoof" info of that player. This includes their name, race, age, sexuality, coat, mane, cutie mark - all kinds of info!

look <player> gives you the description of that character.

wi <player> gives you the WIXXX info of that character, which is a list of their fetishes.

wa will display a list of every character connected to the game, including the room they are in. This is useful for finding places that ponies are gathering, to join up with them IC.

Contacting Staff

If you need approval, rooms built, have suggestions, or are having problems with playing or another player, you should contact staff.

For staff commands as well as listings, please see Staff.

Neighvada Specific

Neighvada itself has unique commands that no other pony MUCK has. In particular, cheevos, blackjack and slots.

cheevos is our custom Achievement system. We are adding new achievements all the time - for now, we have a basic list that has to do with our other unique gambling features. Type cheevos to see your own achievements, as well as cheevos <player> to see another player's achievements.

blackjack and slots are our custom gambling games here on Neighvada. They can only be played in the Game Room of each casino. Just type the name of which game you want to play, and follow the instructions.

Other Commands

This is just a basic list of commands. As you MUCK, you will find other commands to do more advanced things - the purpose of this is only to get you started, and it is not a comprehensive list of every command. If you have any questions, page a staffer!

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